PPCS - Psychiatric & Psychological Consultant Services

Psychological Assessment

The reasons for an individual requiring a psychological assessment differ, but may involve:

Psychometric Assessment
Psychologists use validated instruments and tests to provide measurements of intellectual, personality, emotional state, psychological well-being, literacy and other functions. These may be used to inform treatment, or for other specific purposes. The correct employment of psychometric assessment tools and the information deriving from them is a skilled process, requiring training and experience, and is regulated in order to avoid indiscriminate and improper use.

Neuropsychological Assessment or Examination
Neuropsychologists use a specialised subset of psychometric tools to assess functioning following acquired brain injury: typically, memory, personality, intellectual function and level of ability to deploy previous learnt and innate skills are examined.

Forensic Psychological Assessment
Forensic Psychologists are asked to provide specialist assessment, usually for Court purposes, considering the possible effects of intellectual and educational functioning, suggestibility, personality and other variables on an individual's offence, and to offer an opinion on their likelihood of further offending. Such reports may be used in mitigation for sentencing purposes.

Clinical assessment
An assessment is most commonly carried out for clinical and therapeutic purposes, to establish a diagnosis and formulation of the individual's problems, and to plan the individual's care and treatment.

This may be done in a hospital (or in-patient) setting, in an ambulatory (or out-patient) setting, or in a community setting (as a home-based assessment).

Educational and Developmental Assessment
At PPCS educational and development assessments are undertaken to study how humans learn in educational settings, the effectiveness of educational interventions, the psychology of teaching, and the social psychology of schools as organizations.

Educational psychology is concerned with how students learn and develop.

Other Investigations may include
- Computerised Psychological Health Screening
- Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Assessment
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